Television shows that have tie in video games have always been popular. I can never figure out why, because for the most part, they’re dreadful. Psych is one series that, while I thoroughly enjoyed, I never anticipated there would be a video game for it. So, seeing it on Utomik I was equally excited and terrified. Would it be one of the rare decent ones? Or would it be lost in time as one of the thousands of terrible television tie ins?


I really did enjoy Psych as a TV show. The dynamic between the main cast members, the hilarious writing and the absurd, but believable crimes they would face all made for some great TV. To my delight, the video game followed suit. It had a fun storyline and some brilliantly funny writing that would’ve fit right into the show itself. In fact, as they were talking, I could hear every word in the character’s voices. It is an area where many TV tie in games fall down. Having the world around you, and the characters within it, not act like how you would expect them to. It just feels like a disappointment, but not so in Psych. The characters are spot on, and Santa Barbara is well drawn and believable too.

Seems about right for these two!

A Wobble

As a detective series, Psych being a hidden object/point and click adventure game was pretty much the only route it could go down. And, for the most part, it’s pretty okay. But it is just okay. It tells a very Psych-like story, but instead of making you feel like Shawn, cracking the mystery, it’s very simple. It’s set out in such a basic fashion, that even Lassie himself could crack it. The puzzles are so simple that you never really have to think about what you have to do. It’s all incredibly signposted and rather boring. There is only so much you can do with a hidden object game though. Tell people to find a bunch of random objects in a scene, then let them retain one or two of the items. Sure it’s an okay way to diversify what you’re doing in the game, but it was still absurdly simple.

The Final Word

As these type of games go, it’s alright. It probably doesn’t quite do Psych as much justice as it could do, but it is a solid game. There are a lot of different screens and it does take a good few hours to complete. Probably wouldn’t recommend it for people who aren’t fans of the series, but if you do enjoy watching Psych, then this is essentially an episode you can play through.

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