Quake 64 | Mini Review

What is it?

Quake 64 is a port of the iconic first-person shooter Quake. It was ported to the 64-bit console by Midway and was released in 1998, but was ported to the remastered, 2021 version of the game as a mod ny Nightdive Studios. As Ranger, you must travel through otherworldly dimensions in order to collect magic runes in order to destroy Shub-Niggurath, a Lovecraftian abomination with plans to unleash an invasion upon Earth.


Nintendo 64 (also available as a mod for Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One)

Extra secrets, smoothed visuals and coloured lighting are exclusive to this version.
Most of the gameplay, levels and content of Quake remains intact.
Split-screen mode is still pretty fun.
New OST by Aubrey Hodges gives it an entirely new feel.
Remastered versions runs even better and has oodles of customization options.
A handful of levels are missing.
Aiming vertically with the N64 controller is awful.
Frame rate drops in split-screen mode.
Only one new (deathmatch-exclusive) map.
Remastered version has a weird filter over the screen.


Quake 64 was a solid port for the time. It ran pretty well, had a new look and feel to it, and still played like the PC version, despite some dodgy aiming and missing content. The remastered version is still the best way to play this version of the game; the expansive customization options and excellent performance on both PC and consoles still make it well worth trying out if you’re a fan of the original and after a new twist, even if it lacks any bonus bits of content.





4 Stars


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