Random Heroes: Gold Edition (Switch) | Review

What is it?

Random Heroes: Gold Edition is a side-scroller by Woblyware. Formerly a Flash game on websites from over a decade ago, it was ported to the App store, and then eventually remade for modern consoles. Cyborg-alien-mutants are invading the planet, and you gotta stop ‘em.



PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS Vita

Stripped of its microtransactions.
Most of the weapons are about as deadly as tossing stale popcorn.
The pixel art gets the job done.
Runs well without fault.
Numerous playable characters encourages replayability.
Level design is nothing spectacular.
The common enemies are standard-fare and aren’t bright.
Bosses have one or two moves and are a snorefest.
Weapons take cost a lot.
Slime, mines and turrets are more threatening than the fodder enemies.


Random Heroes: Gold Edition is bland, predictable, and has very little bite to it. Everything in the game, from the graphics and soundtrack to the combat and movement, is passable at best. Well, there’s a pretty big number of crappy weapons, and the need to grind for the competent guns is insulting. Point is, even though Random Heroes is a fairly cheap side-scroller, the whole thing is nothing more than fool’s gold.



2 Stars


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