Really Bad Chess – Mini Review!

What is it?

Really Bad Chess is a chess game, with a twist. Instead of having the standard format, you’re given entirely random pieces, based off your ingame level. The better you are, the stronger the AI’s pieces become.


iOS & Android

Clean, clear UI.
Great random boards.
Strong AI.
Great idea.
Doesn’t always remember where you were in a game.


Chess is an old game, but it is a great one to play. It enhances your strategic thinking, gets you thinking about what your opponent might do and how is best to counter that. It’s not a game that I ever thought needed any changing, but after playing Really Bad Chess, I changed my mind. This game really adds a whole new dimension to the game and is incredibly fun to play. With a different board to try every day, as well as strong random boards on demand, it’s fantastic fun. Definitely download the game.


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