Relicta | Mini Review

What is it?

Relicta is a first-person puzzle game by Mighty Polygon. A bunch of boffins are trapped on a moon base while studying a mysterious meteorite known as the ‘Relicta’. They realize they need to get out of there after things start hitting south pretty damn fast. The core gameplay is thus: once you take a ride to a test zone, you’ll have to complete a linear series of physics puzzles with your funky gloves that can positively or negatively charge cubes in the environment. Not only can they charge plates that can hold said blocks, but the mouse wheel can alter their gravity.



Detailed graphics.
Thought-provoking gameplay akin to The Talos Principle.
Positive and negatively charging blocks to fling them around maps does make for some tricky puzzles.
Numerous twists to keep you guessing.
Servicable writing and voice acting.
Dull story.
It doesn’t exactly diversity its puzzles all that much.
Bland soundtrack.


Relicta is a solid puzzle title. It delivers a thought-provoking, exigent experience that feels polished and enjoyable. Plus, it looks stunning. Nothing much to praise regarding its soundtrack or voice acting, though. In any case, if you love titles like Portal and The Talos Principle, then this might just get you interested in tossing boxes around with complex gadgetry again.


4 Stars


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