Resonance – Mini Review!

What is it?

Resonance is a retro styled point and click adventure which features four playable characters across the wonderfully created Aventine City. The game’s events take place three days before devastating terrorist attacks occur across the globe, letting you retrace the steps of the protagonists to see what effect they had on the attacks.



Excellent story.
Fully voice acted.
The world is brilliantly designed.
Ability to talk to NPCs about your surroundings is a nice touch.
Voices are recorded fairly poorly.
Can be a little tricky to see what you need to do at times.


Resonance is a game that any developer would be proud of. It has a thrilling story, four likeable characters and a beautiful city to explore. It’ll definitely keep you entertained for a good few hours with its tricky puzzles and enjoyable mechanics, even if at times it may get rather frustrating. Highly recommend.


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