Retro Rated – Alien Breed 3D

Taken from Our Picks – Ten Of The Best – Amiga CD32;

Alien Breed 3D

With the release of Doom and Wolfenstein on PC, 1993-94 saw a rush to release Doom – but on the the Amiga.

There were numerous attempts to recreate these iconic shooters but the best of the bunch was this effort from long time Amiga supporters Team 17.

Taking the well established Alien Breed franchise, the action shifted from a top-down Gauntlet clone to a first person shooter and in so doing saw one of the great games on the console. Technically it couldn’t hope to compare with the burgeoning PC technology but it oozed atmosphere, drawing the balance between moments of tense exploration and all-out panic strewn monster encounters.

Graphics are a little blocky compared to the crisp visuals of the modern age, with the play area scrunched down into a relatively small window, ammunition and health stats, together with some background art, fleshing out the border.

It is disappointing but understandable once you start playing and you realise that the shrunken down playing area has been a compromise of graphics against speed. This thing zips along at a fair old pace. And actually there is some detail within them, the monsters look suitably terrifying and it captures something of the essence of the king of the genre it so clearly tries to emulate.

Solid level design with a good variety of locations, satisfying weapons and great visuals, this is the pinnacle of the Alien Breed franchise and a great game in its own right.

It’s a tough game. I never completed it in my youth and I’m looking forward to revisiting it in more detail, so expect a full review soon.


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