#RetroSoccer – Mini Review!

What is it?

#RetroSoccer is a mobile game that has recently been released to Android, and it puts you in charge of a team of all-stars that you can collect in an attempt to try to become the best football team out there.


Android & iOS

Lovely pixel graphics.
Strong mechanics.
Lots of players to play.
Feels like it requires money to win.


#RetroSoccer is really fun. Combining eleven of the top players, past and present, to make a literal dream team is fantastic. I’ve not really come across any payment walls, but as you don’t really get any ‘rare’ or ‘epic’ players too frequently in drops, it does feel like you will need to put money in to get progression in the game. Despite this, it’s still great fun, and if you can play it for free, a fantastic game.


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