RimWorld | Mini Review

What is it?

RimWorld is a colony-building survival game that sees you crash land on a planet with a small number of survivors having to fight to build a base and continue to live and thrive. There’s a lot to build and plenty of surprises, as the game is run by an AI storyteller who, according to your preferences, can always mix it up.



AI storyteller is top tier.
Lots to build.
Traits make everyone interesting.
Hilarious deaths.
Can never tell whats going to happen next.
Tutorial too shallow.


RimWorld is a terrific game with a lot of depth to it, but it relies quite heavily on the tutorials and videos made by players rather than providing a fully fleshed out one for you. It definitely covers some of the things that will see you through the first ten minutes of save, but after that you’re having to try to figure out quite a lot which can go one of two ways. Either you love it because you’re cast out into the world not knowing what to do, or you’re overwhelmed by just how much you still have to figure out. Personally I enjoyed it but I definitely can see the other side. Worth a play!


4 Stars


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