Rocket League Hoops – Mini Review!

What is it?

Rocket League Hoops is a new(ish) mode in Rocket League that lets you play car based basketball, which is every bit as fun and difficult as it sounds. The matches are 2v2 on smaller courts, with a fairly tall basket at either end for you to hit the ball into – basically just like regular basketball!


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Great attention to detail – you squeak when you land after a jump.
Good method to teach aerial shots.
Very fun.
Not available as a ranked mode.


Hoops is a great game mode – especially if you’re not very good at aerials, because it forces you to become good – or at least passable – at them very quickly. I’d love it if it was a ranked game though. I’d be terrible at it and ranked lowly, but I think it’d be a nice alternative to the ranked football currently on offer.


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