Rocket League – Mini Review!

What is it?

Rocket League is a football game that sees you take on up to four opponents in rocket powered vehicles. It’s fast paced, brilliantly fun and surprisingly challenging. Scoring is never as easy as just driving into the ball, especially when you’re against more than one opponent. You’ll have to jump at it from different angles, use your speed boost or try to outmaneuver the opposing team in order to score and win the game. There’s an online leaderboard too so you’re always with and against somewhat appropriate people, though this is a little broken after the start of the season as everyone is ranked low.


PC & PS4

Scoring actually feels like a massive achievement.
Online ranked mode.
Lots of car customisations.
A good selection of arenas.
As with all online games, some members of the community are toxic.
Some maps can be quite difficult to see the ball.
Matchmaking is kinda crap.


The matchmaking is a drawback, but as long as you’re thick skinned enough to ignore everyone that will shout at you for not hitting the ball exactly perfectly, then you’ll enjoy Rocket League. It’s a lot of fun, especially when played with friends, but playing solo is also a lot of fun, so it’s definitely a game you should look up.


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Good review style!
I like it because you can easily scan over a lot of games this way. Keep on doing it and I’ll keep on reading them!

There’s only one thing I tend to disagree with: the toxic multiplayer environment isn’t really a negative point for the game itself.
I’d include it as a warning myself 🙂