Room13 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Room13 is an innovative platformer by The Paper Robot. In it you kill grotesque zombie-like creatures in a bid for survival. Along the way you’ll encounter many foes whilst unlocking all manner of nasty upgrades to improve your deadly arsenal.



Polished look.
Great sounds.
Movement controls can be annoying.
Only one game mode.


Think 2D killing floor meets the binding of Isaac. I see something here that could be a cult classic. The fast paced and unforgiving play is incredibly addictive. Also the artistic style is very aesthetically pleasing. It’s a game than can grow frustrating whilst getting used to the controls and of course it’s early access label does come with the warning that it may never be finished. However, putting that aside I did still enjoy my time spent playing room13 and hope to see it completed. It’s something I definitely think I’ll jump into periodically as it progresses through development. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy then I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a good challenge and more than worthy of a spot in your gaming library.


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