Rugrats Royal Ransom – Mini Review!

What is it?

25 years ago, Klasky Csupo came up with an idea for a kids cartoon – the Rugrats. A group of initially five babies, which got extended as the series went on got into all sorts of different escapades with the eldest, Angelica, often acting as the antagonist for the four younger babies. It was cutesy, and video games capitalising on the series were coming thick and fast from various different developers. I recently found “Rugrats Royal Ransom”, and decided to see if nostalgia goggles would help make this game great.



Animation is spot on.
Story fits the cast well.
Voice acting is great.
Very repetitive platforming sections.
Very repetitive comments from the babies.
Very repetitive formula to the game.


If you couldn’t guess, I found this game very repetitive. As a game, it’s pretty crappy really, the platforming sections aren’t great, the character you’re controlling will spit the same line out over and over, and the different sections of the game were pretty much identical, save for the skin. Despite that, the game has some of the best animation and style that I’ve seen in a game crafted from a cartoon series. It’s probably expected that it’d be great, given that is what the series made it’s name with, but after so many shoddy attempts in the past, this one was truly excellent. Still not worth buying though.


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