Sandiego Inc – Mini Review!

What is it?

Sandiego Inc. is a mobile game that sees you play as a detective, going around the world to try to locate criminals, based on oddly precise clues that are given to you by random members of the public.


iOS & Android

Good to build geographical knowledge.
Plenty of cases.
Not visually appealing.
Too easy.
Spelling and grammatical errors everywhere.


Sandiego Inc. preys on people’s nostalgia and memories of “Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego”, and is a fairly decent recreation of what that game was. Unfortunately for the developer, I never played that game, so the nostalgia is lost on me and I can only see the game as what it is – disappointing. The clues are all too easy, there are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors and it’s a pretty ugly game to boot. I’d avoid it, unless you were a big fan of the game it’s based on.


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