Save The Astronaut | Mini Review

What is it?

Save The Astronaut is a side-scroller by Open Maw Productions. You must guide an astronaut through numerous dungeons, all the while avoiding traps and keeping an eye on his oxygen levels – he always starts off with a mere 10 seconds to breathe!



Retro-style visuals and retro SFX are simple and appealing.
Dirt cheap.
Getting killed will actually send you back to the start without resetting your progress.
Fun to be a jewel-thievin’ kleptomaniac in order to bag a high score.
Cleverly-designed levels that are none too forgiving.
The top option in the main menu is to start a new game, not continue a previous game – you might accidentally lose progress if you’re not paying attention.
No reset button after losing all of your oxygen.
The game freezes briefly from time to time..


Even if you die a hundred times over, trying to save this poor astronaut is jolly good stuff, and a testament to the fact that you don’t need an overtly lengthy or deep game to have a good time.



4 Stars


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