Score! Hero 2 | Mini Review

What is it?

Score! Hero 2 is an arcade mobile football game that has you play as a rookie footballer playing through the ranks, all the way to playing for the national team and more.


Android & iOS

Interesting new story.
Looks nice.
Lots of levels.
Gameplay hasn’t really advanced from the first.
Seems much more difficult than the first.
No option to rewind by watching an advert.


Score! Hero 2 feels much more cash-grabby than the first game. I’ve tried a number of times and not being able to watch an ad to rewind a minor mistake is such a pain in the backside. When you’re in the 89th minute and you’ve already had three or four tricky chances scored and need to finish off one more but your finger slips or something and you have to start over from scratch makes me not want to play this game, and definitely not recommend it.


2 Stars