Scrap | Mini Review

What is it?

Scrap is a 2D platformer by Woodland Games. In the future, important and dangerous jobs are solved by sending conscripted convicts deep into space. The title was originally a platformer for iOS and Android devices; it was ported to the Switch in 2019. It follows the adventures of a small robot attempting to escape from its assembly line, leaping and maneuvering over pits, past lasers and over buzzsaws.


iOS, Android, Switch

Very simple controls.
Platforming mechanics are easy to get the hang off, while still putting up a fair challenge.
Offers a few different routes to take.
Handy power ups.
Smoother performance on Switch with no microtransactions.
Next-to-no soundtrack.
Falling near the bottom of the screen will result in death, even though you could easily double-jump to safety.
Beating levels without dying (optional objectives) is a Herculean task.


Scrap is a sweet, li’l port of a simple-but-devious platformer. Blessed with charming visuals and craftily-designed levels, it’s recommended for quick interval plays. It’s nothing deep or lengthy, but it’s still worth the few quid it asks for.


3 Stars



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