Sega Ages: Sonic The Hedgehog (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Sega Ages: Sonic The Hedgehog is a port of the super-speedy side-scroller Sonic the Hedgehog. The heinous Dr. Eggman is trapping critters on South Island inside robotic minions in his attempts to steal the six Chaos Emeralds. Sonic sets off to defeat the villain, and can collect the powerful artifacts along the way via secret zones.



A timeless title that has aged gracefully over the years.
Spin Dash and Drop Dash abilities (from Sonic 2 & Sonic Mania) can be toggled.
‘Ring Keep Mode’ lets you keep more rings, good for newcomers.
Bundles in the challenging Japanese arcade edition.
Port makes no compromises; also includes level select.
Challenge modes only feature two challenges.
You can get more games on the SEGA Mega Drive Classics for a fairer price.


A classic title from the Sega Mega Drive days, the Switch port of Sonic The Hedgehog adds a nice handful of sweet additions to make it well worth trying (or re-buying, if you’ve already played it across numerous platforms yet). It remains accessible to both new players and old school fans thanks to its optional gameplay modifiers, too.


4 Stars


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