The Sexy Brutale – Mini Review!

The Sexy Brutale

What is it?

The Sexy Brutale is a supernatural type game that sees you play as a man trapped in a time loop, who also happens to be the only man that can save a number of people from their untimely, and horrifying, deaths.


PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Puzzle solving is mostly fun.
Well thought out deaths.
Intriguing idea.
Music doesn’t flow.
Puzzles are occasionally impossible.


The Sexy Brutale is a pretty fun game – a decent price, for a fairly decent game. The music is a bit rubbish at times, and some of the puzzles are poorly constructed, but watching people die in the most terrible and terrifying ways is actually quite fun. It’s even more fun figuring out how to save them though, so definitely pick it up.


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