Shadow Warrior Classic Redux | Mini Review

What is it?

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is a HD port of the oriential-themed first-person shooter by 3D Realms. This version was developed by General Arcade and published in 2013 by Devolver Digital. Master ninja Lo Wang discovers his former employer, Master Zilla, has unleashed an army of demons upon Japan in order to overthrow the entire country. The awkwardly-named ninja sets off to thwart his former boss’ plans. 


 PC, iOS

Brilliant performance, HD visuals and achievement support. Also includes DOS version and two expansion packs.
Challenging and rewarding gameplay with brilliantly designed environments.
Big selection of kick-ass weapons and handy inventory items. Very gratifying and rewarding combat.
You can destroy walls, ride vehicles and use turrets.
Epic, Asian-themed soundtrack by Lee Jackson. Hilariously silly one-liners.
Some annoying enemies, like the hornets and the suicide-bombers that turn into ghosts.
A few awkward enemy placements and well-hidden keys.
No multiplayer mode.
A morsel of the levels in the expansion packs are rubbish.


Shadow Warrior was a friggin’ brilliant shooter that never got the love and attention it deserved until the port came out. While was a technical step-up compared to its predecessor Duke Nukem 3D, both games function similarly. Admittedly, Shadow Warrior does have a few grievances with some dodgy foes and their overpowered or hitscan attacks, but at least you’ll be getting yourself a very satisfying and enjoyable retro FPS experience. Plus, this version has pimped-up visuals, a smoother framerate, controller support, and generally looks, feels and plays a lot better than the classic version.



5 Stars

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