Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: Ultimate Edition | Mini Review!

What is it?

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a platform game developed and published by WayForward. Shantae’s uncle creates a device powerful enough to protect Scuttle Town. However, the evil pirate Risky Boots steals the blueprints. With her powers now restored, Shantae sets off to explore many areas outside of her hometown, gaining new magical abilities and thwarting the plans of many villains in the process.


PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4

Gorgeous visuals, combing 3D backgrounds with beautiful 2D animations.
Great level design with a handful of cool twists to spice things up.
Oodles of powerful animal transformations and spells makes combat tonnes of fun.
An excellent, toe-tapping selection of big-beat tunes by Jake Kaufman.
An excellent, toe-tapping selection of big-beat tunes by Jake Kaufman.
A few zones require you climbing upwards, but falling off forces you to redo it again.
Costume packs are more or less the same game (with a few noticeable afterations) but with different abilities.
Friends To The End DLC is frustratingly difficult due to tougher bosses and only one character being able to heal.
Backtracking can be annoying due to some vague locations of important items or people .


Even if it’s packed in with a mixed bag of inconsistent DLCs, Shantae’s first HD adventure is heckin’ awesome. It may not be as long as the previous game, but the combat is more fun than ever. The bonus levels may be rehashes of one another, but they’re still satisfying to play, and are slightly trickier than the main game. As expected, the visuals, writing and music are what you’d expect of a Shantae game: magical. Point-in-case, there’s plenty of bang for your buck here.

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