She Sees Red | Mini Review

What is it?

She Sees Red is an interactive movie by Rhinotales. An unknown intruder had infiltrated a nightclub belonging to a Russian mafia leader named Yuri Evgenievich. You must decide what actions the mysterious figure must take. The game flips between two perspectives, the other being from the perspective of both Yuri and a homicide detective as they trace the steps of the mysterious figure hours later. 


PC, Switch

Thrilling plot with solid performances.
Binary choices have big effects on the flow of the plot.
Superbly choreographed fight scenes.
Camera work, lighting effects and sound design are all of professional quality.
Multiple memorable endings .
English dub sounds hammy and misplaced.
Each playthrough will last about 40 minutes.
No flowchart of events to follow; you’ll have to replay it and skip scenes if you want to make different decisions.


She Sees Red is a gruesome, engrossing, and sadly short, semi-interactive movie. The sound and visuals are on-point, with exception to the English dubbing, and it’s got itself some exciting fight scenes to boot as well. The title’s a professionally-made flick, and  bloody good watch to boot.


4 Stars


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