Shenmue III | Mini Review

What is it?

Shenmue III is the third in the Japanese action-adventure series that has now spanned twenty years worth of games. Kickstarted by fans, Shenmue III is a continuation of the story, picking up right where the series left off in 2001.


PC, Xbox One and PS4

Looks nice.
Terrible voice acting.
Even worse writing.
Shoddy, old mechanics.
Stuck in cut scene hell.


I was expecting great things from Shenmue III, but I was let down in almost every way. For newcomers, the game is absolutely dreadful, and I’d be surprised if veterans of the series enjoyed it at all as well. It’s an awful mess of poor voice acting, rubbish writing and infuriatingly outdated mechanics. I wouldn’t even recommend you play it if you got it for free.


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