Shift Happens – Mini Review!

Shift Happens

What is it?

Shift Happens is a platformer game that is best played with a partner. It is possible to play it solo, but if you play it with a partner then you’ll open up an extra ten levels to play. The two characters, Bismo and Plom, are able to change their size and abilities at will, making them perfect candidates to escape the building that they find themselves trapped in.



Fun platforming.
Decent puzzles.
Cutesy characters.
Bit shit that it is best played multiplayer.


Shift Happens is quite fun, with some really good, brain tickling puzzles. The two characters as well are quite cutesy and have a lot of personality, despite not saying much. It is kind of rubbish that you have to play it with someone else if you want to see the full game, but otherwise, it’s a pretty decent game. Worth picking it up.


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