Shmup Collection | Mini Review

What is it?

Shmup Collection is a compilation of shoot’em up titles developed by Astro Port and published by Pixel Heart. It is made up of Armed 7 DX, Satazius Next, and Wolflame, all of which have previously been released separately.


Wii U, Switch

Three challenging but fun shmups with enough differences to make them stand apart from one another.
Fast-paced, manic, arcade-like gameplay with plenty of replayability.
Numerous loadout weapons to choose between in the first two titles.
Wolflame lets you save your progress.
Colourful visuals and explosions galore.
Armed 7’s controls are a bit awkward to use at first; can’t change them mid-game.
Progress made with upgrading weapons in Satazius won’t save over if you quit.
Replaying the chase/obstacle sections in Satazius can be exasperating.
Sega Dreamcast versions of Armed 7 and Satazius are the same as the remakes, only with older graphics.
Fairly small arsenal in Wolflame becomes a bit tiring to use after a short while.


All of the titles in Shmup Collection are splendid in their own ways, and each title has their own little gimmicks and neat features (not to mention noticeable flaws) to help them stand apart from one another. Ultimately, the entire bundle is a triple threat of explosion-filled, arcade-like goodness..



4 Stars

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