Shovel Knight – Mini Review!

What is it?

Shovel Knight is a side scrolling platformer game that sees you play as the titular knight, who uses a shovel as his main weapon. Your main quest is to overcome all the evil that has befallen the land and rid the world of the evil Enchantress.



Strong gameplay mechanics.
Good variety of levels.
Gorgeous visuals.
Masterful soundtrack.
One-hit KO can be lame.


Shovel Knight is terrific fun. Challenging, yes, but not so much that you’ll be tearing your hair out. It’s accompanied with some top notch retro-styled graphics and a magnificent sound track, so it’s definitely worth picking up. It did take a bit of adapting to, as although I grew up playing games where one hit equals death, I have become a little softer these days, but it was not too big a hurdle to jump.


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