SIGIL | Mini Review

What is it?

SIGIL is a mod for The Ultimate DOOM by Romero Games. It was primarily designed and developed by John Romero, co-creator of DOOM. In this unofficial fifth episode, the DOOM Marine is in the bowels of Hell, and needs to battle through more demons than ever in order to get back to Earth.


PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Complex level design and great texture work.
Puts up a big challenge on Ultra-Violence difficulty.
Also includes 9 deathmatch maps.
Pretty damn good soundtrack by James “Jimmy” Paddock.
Plenty of narrow corridors with hit-scanners blocking your path.
Final level is a bit anticlimactic, as it’s just a rush to the exit.
Some cheap traps.
Limited ammo and item pick-ups for getting across the many lava pools.


SIGIL is tasty stuff. Romero has an eye for detail and has made some challenging, intricately designed levels with the limited resources on offer. Some underhanded tricks, dodgy enemy placements and a flat final mission taints the experience to an extent, however, but not enough to ruin it.


4 Stars


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