The Silent Age – Mini Review!

Silent Age

What is it?

The Silent Age is a point and click adventure game, developed by House on Fire, and initially released in 2013 for mobile devices. It follows the story of a man named Joe, who travels between his current timeline in 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 in order to find the reason behind the world’s end.


PC, Android & iOS

Good story.
Great art style.
Decent puzzles.
Nice pacing to the story.
Definitely not a PC game.
Very short for the price.


If you’re thinking about getting the Silent Age, then it’s definitely worth it, but perhaps only if you want to buy it on mobile devices. It’s a game that I’d play if I was going on a long train journey or something. It’s far too short for the price you’d have to pay on Steam, so I’d avoid it on PC. Good story, decent mechanics and great art though, so well worth it on mobile.


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