Sir Eatsalot (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

Sir Eatsalot is a side-scroller adventure game by Behind The Stone. The titular protagonist is a well-respected knight with a hankering for anything sweet and sugary. The evil sorceress Hysterica has poisoned the rivers of Gluttington Kingdom with sour lemonade, and has sent out her army of rats to prevent the husky hero from thwarting her plans.


PS Vita & Switch

Backgrounds are brimming with colour.
Each character is imaginatively designed; charming cartoon aesthetic.
Silly jokes and funny writing.
Soundtrack fits with the whimsical tone of the game.
Effective use of the touchscreen in handheld mode.
Sluggish movement and an abysmal jump.
Combat is limited to two buttons – attack and block – and is no fun whatsoever.
Forgettable level design, lacks a map.
Platforming can be a nuisance when you have to deactivate traps mid-jump.
Attempts at spicing up the gameplay are little more than undercooked gimmicks.


Sir Eatsalot is a malnourished side-scroller. The combat and exploration are about as barebones and tedious as it gets, and the touch-screen capabilities, while functional, don’t make it that much more enjoyable. Sure, it looks and sounds charming enough, no doubt about that whatsoever. Younger, casual players might be able to stomach this canapé of a title. Others should elsewhere for a more flavoursome platformer.


2 Stars

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