Snapimals – Mini Review!

What is it?

Snapimals is an on-rails photography game for mobile devices similar to that offered in Pokémon Snap. It has fantastic visuals, uses real life animals rather than made up ones and it gives a different course each time you play, with animals posing differently or different ones appearing as the levels progress.


Android & iOS

Loads of fun.
A long road to completion.
Great music.
Different course each time.
No ads.
Eats up a lot of battery.
Downloads generated courses, so uses a lot of data and can’t be used where you have no signal.


Snapimals is a great game, and really provides an experience that no game has offered since Pokémon Snap on the N64. It’s visually stunning, has some excellent music and there is so much to unlock and explore that you will be spending tens of hours in the game trying to unlock everything. I’m not entirely sold on it though as it does require a data connection, which sucks if you’re in an area with crap signal, as you can’t rely on it to keep you entertained. If you’re bored at home though, and you want some fun, this is the perfect game. It’d be even better if you have it on a tablet and played it with your children, as it will help their learning the animal kingdom!


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