Sol Trader – Mini Review!

What is it?

Sol Trader is a genre busting sci-fi adventure game developed by Chris Parsons. It sets you away on an adventure around space with varying degrees of difficulty, and a number of different potential goals to achieve. You’re able to create a character by filling out a basic questionnaire about what you did well at school, who your parents are etc, and it generates a decent character off the back of it. It’s actually much nicer to create a character in this manner, as you don’t have to spend hours sculpting a beautiful and perfect person to play as, but you may well get one anyway.



Great character creation.
Lots of planets to explore.
A lot of different people to meet.
Solve tasks based on who you are and who you know, rather than being amazing at everything.
Decent quests.
Tutorial is pretty shoddy.
Conversations aren’t the greatest.


Sol Trader is a decent game, and it’s certainly an impressive one when you consider it was made by just one guy. There’s a lot of positive features about it, and the character creation is probably right at the top of that list. It has a lot of charm about it in general, and exploring the galaxy and attempting to reach your goal, whatever it may be, is pretty satisfying overall. It could do with a better tutorial and introduction to the game, as the current one isn’t the most interesting to go through, but overall, it’s well worth a look.


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