Solo: Islands of the Heart | Mini Review

What is it?

Solo: Islands of the Heart is a puzzle game by Team Gotham. As a sailor, you travel from island to island. In between carrying boxes, powering up lighthouses and exploring newly-found portions of land, you are subjected to numerous questions about love and relationships.



Relaxing atmosphere.
Some thought-provoking questions.
You can play a guitar.
Philosophical questions and pretentious poems are in abundance.
A lack of incentive to explore the islands.
Side-quests just feel like brief time-wasters.
Bland puzzles requiring box-carrying.
Doesn’t run as smoothly in handheld mode.


Love-struck gamers with a pendancy for artsy games may feel at home with a title like this, mostly thanks to its soothing atmosphere and colourful visuals, but it’s just so difficult to find reasons to love this game.


2 Stars


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