Songbird Symphony | Mini Review

What is it?

Songbird Symphony is an adventure game developed by JoySteak Studios and published by PQube. In this sidescroller, you play as Birb, a chubby little bird who loves to dance and sing. He goes off on a musical adventure to find out more about his identity. Birb finds himself partaking in a daring adventure to find special musical artifacts for a wise old owl, who promises to help Birb find his parents.


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Creatively designed characters and slick animations; lovely visuals and immersive sound design.
Catchy soundtrack, especially during the music rhythm battles.
Fetch quests are simple and pleasant.
You can still progress with the story and retry said battles if you don’t do so well.
Birb is adorable!
The difficulty curve becomes notably steeper after the first few battles.
Still a fairly run-of-the-mill sidescroller at its core.
Bird feathers scattered across each level are useless collectibles.


Songbird Symphony is a memorable and whimsical game, thanks to its superb sound design, music and visuals. Plus, Birb has got to be one of the cutest protagonists ever to star in an indie game. The Guitar Hero-esque battles will make you sweat, though they’ll never prevent you from progressing further. Short though it may be, this symphony is well worth tuning into.


4 Stars



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