Sound Shapes – Mini Review!

What is it?

Sound Shapes is a rhythmic platformer on the Playstation 3, 4 and Vita. It’s a vibrant and enjoyable game that will have you dancing along as you progress through the levels. With each step, you’ll unlock another note to the song, until you’ve reached the end and are able to hear the full song in all it’s glory. It’s quite fun to play through, although will only last players around two hours as it is seriously short.


PS3, PS4 & PS Vita

Lovely levels.
Enjoyable mechanics.
Great music.
Create a level has a lot of options.
Very short.
Requires DLC to give the game any real length.


I did enjoy Sound Shapes, but it was incredibly short. It was fairly evident that the developers wanted to cash in on the DLC trend by releasing more levels via the Playstation Store, which is rather disappointing. It is still fun to play, the songs you’ll unlock are really nice to listen to and the ability to create your own levels which does increase the longevity a little bit too. It’s not too shabby, but I wouldn’t recommend picking it up purely based on the fact you’d have to spend twice the asking price to have a full game.


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