Space Blaze | Mini Review

What is it?

Space Blaze is a horizontal-scrolling shoot’em up developed by UIG Entertainment. You pilot a spacecraft and must maneuver around ships, meteors and enemy projectiles as you progress through each of the seven levels on offer.



Health bar instead of one-hit kills.
Handy powerups let you fire in multiple directions.
Decent techno and electronica soundtrac.
2-player cooperative mode.
Can earn additional credits if you earn a fair amount of points.
Ludicrously overpriced – it’s £26.99!.
Sluggish movement .
Undetailed visuals and sluggish frame rate makes it look like it’s from the PS2 era.
Bosses are royally borked and pose next-to-zero threat.
Nothing original, exhilarating or enjoyable about it.


Space Blaze is a ludicrously overpriced pile of scrap metal. Its attempt at emulating sh’mups of the good ol’ days does not excuse how ugly, slow, and painfully dull it is. Anyone hunting for indie deals on the Nintendo eShop should apply full-power to the engines and simply blaze past this on.


1 Star


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