Spartan Fist | Mini Review

What is it?

Spartan Fist is a first-person fighting game by Glass Bottom Games. As a contender in the arena, you must punch your way through rooms filled with enemies, and defeat any bosses in your way, to become the champion.


PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Blocky, Minecraft-like voxel graphics are nice.
You can punch foes so they spew multi-coloured blocks everywhere.
There’s an ample amount of boxing gloves to choose from.
Stackable special abilities.
Can warp ahead to later stages once they’ve been completed for the first time.
Sparring with enemies and bosses becomes and makes them a slog to fight.
Can’t block or perform counter attacks; combat simply requires button-mashing until they block.
The differences between each of the three fighting styles are minor at best.
Each room is a generic, symmetrical square with traps and maybe a few platforms.
Expensive upgrades requires a lot of grinding; warping is awfully pricey.


Spartan Punch is plagued with many annoying design decisions and irritating nitpicks. There aren’t enough incentives to encourage anyone to come back for another round.


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