Speed Kills – Mini Review!

What is it?

Speed Kills is a combat kart racer with a fixed, isometric camera angle. It’s a game reminiscent of previous kart racers like Super Offroad, but set in a futuristic cyberpunky universe. You’ll have to beat 5 opponents in a race almost to the death, and it can be surprisingly tricky. There are a lot of levels to play through and its accompanied by an excellent rock soundtrack.


PC & iOS

Decent soundtrack.
Lots of maps to race around.
Challenging gameplay.
Upgradeable vehicles.
Can get a bit samey after a while.
There are a few bad bugs.
Maybe would benefit from some voice acting.


There are a few bugs that will have you tear your hair out if you encounter them, but as they aren’t really prevalent and are definitely avoidable, it’s not something to steer you away from the game. If you’re a fan of other isometric racers, then you’ll certainly like this offering from Holy Warp. It has a bucketload of racetracks, some racers that will frustrate you no end and a decent amount of upgrades you can make to your vehicle. I’d say £7 is probably just about right for the game, but if it was on sale, then it’s definitely something to snap up. A decent game overall.


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