Spell Tower – Mini Review!

What is it?

Spell Tower is a word game on Android and iOS, and it made me do something I’ve never done before – pay for a mobile game before trying it out. I love word games, and Spell Tower is a really excellent one. There are four different modes to play through, each of which adds something different and challenges you to work hard to find the best words in the jumbles.


Android & iOS

Looks nice.
Great variety in modes.
Probably cost a little too much.


Word games are another one of my favourite things, and Spell Tower is a brilliant one. It perhaps could be argued that it doesn’t offer enough to quite cover the cost of it, but that is more down to the individuals value of their money. Even if you think you’re a brainiac with a brilliant vocabulary, Spell Tower will certainly push your limits as in longer games it can get incredibly difficult, because the game remembers what words you use, and only lets you use them once. It’s definitely worth a play in my book!


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