Splatter: Blood Red Edition | Mini-Review!

What is it?

Splatter: Blood Red Edition is a top-down shooter created by German developers Dreamworld. The game is set during a zombie apocalypse, with film noir cutscenes and narrations forwarding the story before and after each level. You must fight through the undead-ridden streets, a farm under siege, a chemical plant, and many more dangerous locations, in hopes of escaping with your life.



  • Gritty visuals, brilliant lighting & graphic novel cutscenes
  • Linear levels with open environments encourages exploration
  • Survival mode for up to four players, plus deathmatch
  • Incredibly low price
  • Overwhelming numbers of enemies in the early levels
  • Dark rooms make for some cheap ambushes
  • Bullet-sponge bosses take too long to kill
  • Some iffy voice acting


Splatter offers a handful of hours of monster-killing goodness with its sizeable campaign. The survival mode is a nice distraction too, and is a sweat-inducing experience. Using weaker guns against big hordes of enemies at the start of the game is a pain, but things become a lot fairer as you find more gear and purchase upgrades. The plot isn’t particularly important, though the graphic novel cutscenes and narrations are still fun to watch. The fact that Splatter costs as much as a packet of crisps makes it a solid choice for anyone after an entertaining zombie shooter with a melodramatic, Max Payne-like feel to it.

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