Spyro The Dragon – Mini Review!

What is it?

One of Playstation’s original mascots, Spyro the Dragon is the purple protagonist of a series of 3D platformer games available across many different consoles. Released in 1998, the first in the series was an excellent entry into the genre and really set the ball rolling for an excellent series.


PS1, PS3, PS Vita

Brilliant soundtrack.
Loads of different levels .
Solid platforming mechanics, while adding to the genre.
Graphics are a little dated now.


I’ve recently downloaded the first three Playstation 1 games onto my PS Vita, and it may be my nostalgia-goggles kicking in, but I still rate this game so highly. The graphics may be a tad dated now, but everything else in the game is solid. With music by former Police drummer Stewart Copeland, even just roaming around the various levels and listening to the tracks that accompany the worlds is a great experience.


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