Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic) – Mini Review

What is it?

Battlefront II is the legendary sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront. It presents a then-unique take on the major battles of the series, giving you the chance to sharpen your shooting skills across every corner of the galaxy whether or not you’re fighting on the side of good or evil. Better watch out for those wrist rockets while you’re at it, soldier.


PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC,

Excellent map rotations and selection that covers both Star Wars eras.
Perfectly captures the atmosphere of the original movies.
Roster of the series’ most iconic heroes and villains.
Mos Eisley is always a blast to play, especially with friends.
No playable Jar-Jar.
Most of the game’s classes and weapons feel identical to one another.
Some gamemodes can feel tedious and overly complicated.
Certain maps are balanced to favour one team over the other.


Even with the rebooted series, the original BF2 is still the best overall Battlefront title, with enough gameplay variety to keep the game’s replayability high, despite showing its age a bit. You can even nab it for a low price on the Steam and GOG storefronts!



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