Stranded Deep – Mini Review!

Stranded Deep

What is it?

If you’re a fan of Castaway, you’ll probably enjoy Stranded Deep. It’s an open world survival game which pits you against the elements on a small desert island. You’re given a raft to start off with, so you can visit other islands in order to scavenge everything you need to survive, and maybe even a few luxury items. You’re able to craft a fair few things, including a hut, some weapons to fight the sharks with and a motor engine to make travelling between islands much quicker.


Windows & Mac

Endless world to explore.
Plenty of things to craft to ease your surviving.
A challenge, plenty of ways to die if you’re not careful.
Can take it at your own pace, for the most part.
Regularly updated.
Not much in the way of a tutorial.
Sharks can be a little too pushy to get you out of your raft.
Only one save state allowed, meaning you’ll have to try (and probably fail) on your one and only save, or restart and have a new game.


For an early access game, this is terrific. A brilliant game which proves you don’t necessarily need an enemy hunting you every second of the game and lets you attempt to survive in a relatively realistic way against the elements. Beam Team are dropping fairly regular updates as well, so I’m expecting great things to come.


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