Strange Brigade | Mini Review

What is it?

Strange Brigade is a supernatural third person shooter that sees you take on the role of a member of a team of treasure hunters. You’re tasked with breaking into ruins in Egypt before plundering their treasure, seeing off the zombies that will find you and then escaping on your zeppelin.



Looks great.
Brilliant enemy variety.
Fantastic voice acting.
Great soundtrack
Really fun story mode.
Brilliant horde mode.
Lots of collectables
Can’t see teammates health.
Possible to get blown up into a trap and then murdered by it.
Single player is meh.


Strange Brigade is a really fun game – if you have friends to play it with. It looks great, plays really well, and while there are minor issues with it, overall it’s a tremendous multiplayer experience. Lots of content, lots of things to find and plenty of zombies to kill, what more could you want? Definitely worth a buy!


4 Stars