Strike! Ten Pin Bowling | Mini Review

What is it?

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling is a sports game by TouchMechanics. Despite being a port of an iOS game, this mini review will specifically cover the Switch eShop version.


Switch & iOS

Runs a lot better on the Switch than a phone, with instantaneous loading times.
Motion controls work really well; can also be played in handheld mode with the touchscreen.
No ugly avatars, shoehorned story lines, corny music or irritatingly cheerful announcers – it’s just bowling.
A sizeable amount of game modes on offer, some of which affect the shape of the pins and the bounciness of the bowling balls.
Many different bowling bowl patterns to choose from.
You need to hold down the X button to pick up the ball, but ZR must be pressed at the right time in order to toss it.
There’s no reward for unlocking achievements.


Strike! Ten Pin Bowling is a cracking title, thanks to its multitude of games modes and solid motion controls. Being able to play on the go really does sweeten the deal, as well. It’s an enjoyable party game if you want to let the good times roll with friends or family. All in all, this title is well worth any ‘spare’ change you might have.


4 Stars


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