Super Cat Bros – Mini Review!

What is it?

Super Cat Bros is a platformer game quite similar in format to its inspiration – Super Mario Bros. There’s one major difference though – instead of using Mario to vanquish goombas, you’re using cute little retro-styled cats to proceed through levels.


Android & iOS

Super, super cute.
Really well designed.
Plenty of fun levels.
Good soundtrack.
Variety of cats to play as.
Very similar to its inspiration.
Getting the mechanics to work flawlessly is irritating.
Ads can get in the way.


Super Cat Bros is one of those games that I can’t get enough of. It’s super cute, there are a lot of levels to go through, and it really is a great nostalgia kick. It’s very, very similar to the old Mario platformers on the SNES and plays relatively well too. Dashing can get a little irritating when it doesn’t register a double tap, but overall, the game is superb. Really recommend you download it.


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