Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels | Mini Review

What is it?

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is a platformer developed and published by Nintendo in 1986. The iconic Italian plumber must save the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil King Koopa in a brand new batch of challenging levels previously exclusive to Japan.


NES, SNES, Wii, Wii U, Switch

Can play as Luigi, who has less traction but can jump higher.
Visuals are a bit more detailed .
Level layout is more complex, but so frustrating.
Many unfair traps (e.g. invisible gusts of wind, plunge pools, etc.) that require very precise jumps to overcome.
Poison Mushroom (fake power-ups that damage you) are a thing.
No new music or sound effects.
Warp zones send you back a few levels .


Unless you’re a platformer elitist with lots of experience, patience and self-respect, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is not recommended. At all. Despite a few neat inclusions, it’s just too difficult for the average Mario fan to get a kick out of.



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