Super Mario Kart | Mini Review

What is it?

Super Mario Kart is a racing game developed and published by Nintendo in ???. In the Mario and his friends compete together in a series of go-kart races across various locations within the Mushroom Kingdom.


SNES, SNES Mini, Wii, Wii U, Switch

Simple, responsive controls.
Great pixel graphics; rear view mirror and maps fits onto screen with no issues.
Catchy soundtrack .
Plenty of memorable maps.
A sizeable assortment of handy items for extra speed.
The eight racers are only different in appearance .
Flat terrain hides walls and some obstacles a little too well.
2 race cups and speeds, can’t choose your own maps.


Super Mario Kart was a great start to the series, and is still a pretty good racer. It may not be as complex as later titles, and sadly scuffed by its technical limitations of the time, yet it offers plenty to enjoy. This retro gem certainly deserves the ‘super’ in its title.

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