Swarm of the Plague Babies (PC) | Mini Review

What is it?

Swarm of the Plague Babies is an indie point and click adventure game by Stairfall Institute. It features a conspiracy theorist YouTuber called Morette, the proud owner of a BTEC in Journalism! After a swarm of plague babies infest his local town, he sets about trying to prove the freemasons are behind it all, uncovering a much weirder experience as he does.



Lovely pixel art.
Great voice acting.
Funny story.
Lots of jokes everywhere.
Too short.
Some puzzles a bit too easy.


I did really like Swarm of the Plague Babies. The voice acting was solid and the story very funny, but I have knocked a mark off for it being too short. Definitely understand that it has to be short as the dev probably doesn’t have the budget to create a longer experience – but boy do I wish they could have. Definitely worth a play.


4 Stars


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