Tennis Club Story – Mini Review!

What is it?

Tennis Club Story is a management game created by industry heavyweights Kairosoft. It sees you take over as manager of a new tennis club, and compete with other clubs in the area to become the number one tennis club in the world. In general, it’s very similar to all of their other games, with just the main theme changed, but there is still plenty to do to keep you entertained.


Android & iOS

Lots of different things to build or tactics to employ.
Looks great.
Many ways to train your players.
Good amount of tactics to employ in matches.
Slightly racist – don’t think I saw anyone non-white in the game.
Bit expensive for what it is.
Proper tennis rules don’t apply.


Kairosoft generally make good simulation/management games, and Tennis Club Story is no exception. It’s a decent play, even if a little bizarre that you can only be a white person. Still, it has a lot about it, and there are plenty of things that will keep you busy. I probably wouldn’t recommend you get it until it’s significantly dropped in price, however. Keep an eye on it and if it drops beneath £1.50, then definitely worth it.


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