The Adventures of 00 Dilly (Switch) | Mini Review

What is it?

The Adventures of 00 Dilly is a game developed by Caipirinha Games and published by Toplitz Productions. Aliens decide to abduct a crash test dummy from a scrapyard for their wacky games. The objective is to launch it out of a catapult and steer it toward the target at the end of each stage, all the while bouncing off of trampolines and dodging debris.


Switch & PC

Simple and responsive controls.
Can manipulate physics to fall quicker or slower.
Pitiful graphics and music.
Doesn’t tell you how close you are to the ground.
The ‘wah-wah’ noise that plays when you fail is annoying .
Unrewarding gameplay with few incentives to encourage you to keep on playing.
Little replayability, unless you love useless collectibles and scoreboards.


This one’s little more than eShop filler with shocky and uninteresting gameplay. Save your pennies and look elsewhere.


1 Star

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